Heavy Blade

Heavy Blade is a 3D hack and slash dungeon crawler with gorgeous visuals and a heavy rock soundtrack. The game was developed by Rocking Pocket Games for PC, iPhone, iPad, and the new Apple TV.

  • 30 dungeons filled with monsters to explore with 8-10 hours of gameplay to complete
  • 16 unique enemies
  • 5 collectible weapons each with a unique spell, including fireballs, magic missile, electricity, and ice shards
  • On screen map for navigation
  • State of the art console quality graphics with unified lighting and shadows never seen before on an IOS device.
  • Support for 4K rendering on Apple TV 4K and PC
  • Listen for whispers to locate secret doors and hidden areas
  • Gather loot from dead enemies or barrels and replenish health and mana with potions.
  • Playable with the Apple TV remote or third party game controller (recommended)

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